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Burano Island , Venice 

The island of Burano is a fantastic day trip from Venice. If you have time to spare in Venice, here’s why you should add Burano to your list!  Burano is an Instagram lovers paradise, it’s one of those places you seen online and think the photos must have been highly edited or photoshopped, but it… Continue reading Burano Island , Venice 

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Who Inspired Me to Travel and See the World 

For as long as I remember, I’ve known that this heart of mine was meant to see this world. I love my hometown in  Scotland but it was just never enough, I knew there was more out there and I wanted to see it with my own eyes. As a youngster I was fortunate to… Continue reading Who Inspired Me to Travel and See the World 

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Must Make Lake Trips from Milan 

Forget Italy’s gorgeous white sandy beaches, let’s face it, the Italian lakes are idilyc. Crystal clear waters with the perfect mountain backdrops in authentic Italian towns, what more could you want?  Romantic settings and beautiful whatever the weather, and all accessible from Milan in an hour and a half or less ! Here are my top… Continue reading Must Make Lake Trips from Milan 

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Where the Italian and French Riviera Meet 

When picturing where to visit in Italy, most people think of the stunning cities, such as Rome , the seaside retreats such as Sardinia and the rock side towns such as Cinque Terre. All equally beautiful, but all crowded with tourists during Summer. This Summer, we were invited to try something and somewhere different. Pigna,… Continue reading Where the Italian and French Riviera Meet 

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Cruise Diaries – Day 5 & 6 

Thomson Celebration  Day 5&6  Corfu & Montenegro  It definitely felt like the best was left till last on this cruise. Day 5, we arrived in Corfu, what a massive big port, and the cheapest duty free you will ever find in your life, particularly if you’re a smoker 😉  At Corfu port there is a bus… Continue reading Cruise Diaries – Day 5 & 6