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The Things Foreigners Say to us Scots 

With dark hair and olive skin, most Italians assume I am one of them, until I open my mouth, they stare for a while, then the inevitable question comes out “where are you from?”  The land of haggis, Irn bru, William Wallace, where Harry Potter was filmed, the bagpipe playing county… still no? Ok I’m… Continue reading The Things Foreigners Say to us Scots 

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Cruise Diaries – Day 5 & 6 

Thomson Celebration  Day 5&6  Corfu & Montenegro  It definitely felt like the best was left till last on this cruise. Day 5, we arrived in Corfu, what a massive big port, and the cheapest duty free you will ever find in your life, particularly if you’re a smoker 😉  At Corfu port there is a bus… Continue reading Cruise Diaries – Day 5 & 6 

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 5  Must make day trips from Milan 

Milan- a beautiful metropolitan city – always bustling with people. Which I love, but sometimes you just need a break and an escape. Which is easy done with Milan’s high-speed train hub and with its array of picturesque destinations only a short distance from the centre! Personally, I prefer my day trips to involve less than… Continue reading  5  Must make day trips from Milan 

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10 Things You Learn From Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is without a doubt the most amazing, yet most terrifying thing I’ve ever done! Amazing because it has made me more independent , confident and opened my eyes and my mind to new things. Terrifying because I was squeezing my life into a tiny suitcase and hoping it would work out. For me my life turned in to a journey filled… Continue reading 10 Things You Learn From Moving Abroad