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Burano Island , Venice 

The island of Burano is a fantastic day trip from Venice. If you have time to spare in Venice, here’s why you should add Burano to your list! 

Burano is an Instagram lovers paradise, it’s one of those places you seen online and think the photos must have been highly edited or photoshopped, but it truely is even brighter and more beautiful in person!

I’m sure you’ve  seen those photos of Venice that show brightly-painted buildings and flowerpots on Instagram. Those aren’t from the main island of Venice, but Burano. Families used to paint their homes in bright colours so that the houses would be visible from the water, so that fishermen could make their way home in the dark. The tradition has stuck.  

Burano is a true fisherman’s island and while there are touristy parts, it still has the working-island feel that can be hard to find on Venice. Fishing boats come in at the end of the day with their catch; local women peer out their windows at the tourists wandering of Burano covers the island, with several small canals acting as thoroughfares. There are a couple of larger squares, and many little lanes and alleys. The town’s fishing industry can be glimpsed along the canalsides and around the island’s shores, where there are tiny fishing harbours. There are no essential tourist attractions other than the island itself and its general ambience.  Authentic Italy for sure. 

For any of you who follow my Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with coloured houses, so as you can imagine I got a bit snap happy here ! It’s one of those towns that’s easier to describe in pictures rather than words so Behold the rainbow of bright and coloured houses in the charming town of Burano ! 

Burano is easy to get to by water buses, we got the number 12 from St Marks Square and it took around 30 minutes , we then moved on to Murano after our visit to Burano. Have you ever been ? 


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