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Who Inspired Me to Travel and See the World 

For as long as I remember, I’ve known that this heart of mine was meant to see this world. I love my hometown in  Scotland but it was just never enough, I knew there was more out there and I wanted to see it with my own eyes. As a youngster I was fortunate to get taken on 3 or 4 family holidays a year, giving me a taste of life abroad. As I grew older, through my teens, I felt like Cumbernauld didn’t have much to offer. I was studying at University to become a primary school teacher and working part time as a waitress, constantly scouering Instagram lusting over these magical places I saw in photos, knowing that I wanted to visit as many countries and experience as many cultures as possible. So today, here I am, living in Milan and travelling along the way and I have many people to thank for inspiring me to pack up and go… 
My mum 

My mummy is an inspiration in more ways than one, my mum suffers from a debilitating neurological condition called Cluster Headaches, but does that stop her when it comes to travel, does it ****! I just love my mums determination to not let her illness get in the way of her travels, we’ve been on countless amazing holidays together, visited so many incredible places, done so many wonderful things, and not once does she complain! 

Jumping for joy

My dad 

I’ve grown up listening to my dad’s far fetched and crazy adventure stories of his youth  , flicking through his trinket box of black and white photos in awe, admiring his spontaneity ( I definitely don’t take after my dad in this sense, I’m the type of person who writes a list for a list for a list ).  So yeah, my daddy cool decided one day in his twenties that he had had enough of mundane life, so he sold all of his stuff , and with the money, bought a hearse! So off he set leaving London , without a plan and all but some pocket change in his wallet, to go and see what the rest of Europe had to offer. Now the coolest thing about this story is he decided to paint the hearse with chalk paint, so everywhere he went he would park up and leave some chalk , people from all over the world and all walks of life, living the dream and travelling too, would leave my dad and his pals really cool messages written on the hearse. I still get butterflies when I hear the story now, and looking at my dad in his professional business suit,heading off to work I chuckle at the fact that he was once a hippy, driving round Europe in a chalk painted hearse ! 

Graduation Day

My Grandad 

Well there is no questioning where my dad got his travel inspiration from, my grandad. My grandad, Harry, is 90 years old and still sharp as a tack. He spent his teens and twenties in the Royal Navy and wow, the stories he has to tell are incredible. He has been my grandad for a whole 25 years and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the same story twice, because he has so many amazing stories to tell. 

As soon as I book a trip I give my grandad a call and let him know where I’m going, and low and behold it’s always somewhere he himself has been, and the next time I head home to visit there he is with his pile of black and white Polaroids and his atlas ready to tell me exactly where he went and what he did. I actually feel so accomplished when I visit a country or town that he has never been to , though this happens very rarely.  I love to see the twinkle in his eye as I tell him I’ve booked a new trip or that I’ve got some pictures to show him, he loves the fact I want to see the world and encourages me to visit as many places as possible, although he still to this day encourages me to join the navy Hahahah! 

Harry & Poppy

So out of curiousity, I asked some of my fellow travel bloggers, who inspired them to travel and this is what they said:

Erin –The World Wanderer

Ever since I was little, my mom has encouraged my free spirit. If we’d get lost while driving somewhere, she would say, “We’re not lost, we’re on an adventure.” She has continued to remind me of that motto my whole life. As a child, we’d travel a bit around the US, but as I grew older, she’d encourage me to go out and see the world. Even when I decided to quit my job to pursue travel writing fully, she was there encouraging me to go after my dreams. Now, I try to take her along with me on a few adventures to thank her for always believing in me and telling me to go out there and see the world.

Erin and her mom

Rhiannon – Wales to Wherever

Due to health and personal reasons, my mother never got to travel anywhere near as much as she would have liked. She always said if she had a time machine she’d go back in time and visit the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. It’s because of her that I set out on my own mission to visit all 7 of the New Wonders of the World, which I managed to achieve last August. She always has, and always will be, my inspiration.

Danielle – The Witty Wife

When I was just 16 my mom took my brother and I to Italy for a trip of a lifetime. This was my first time across seas, away from everything I knew. My mom was there for study abroad and so graciously allowed us to come with her. For two months, I experienced what I like to call culture apsiration. The people, the sights, the food. Everything from Firenze, Italy inspired me to want more. More culture, more travel, more experiences. Three years later I was planning to study abroad and instead of just going to one country, I hopped on board with semester at sea and saw 9 in two and a half months. My mom constantly reminded me that I could go whenever my heart wanted, and I wanted to go everywhere. Like my favorite quote says, “we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Danielle and her family

Bridget – A Bigger World

My dad traveled around the world for his work. He brought me gifts like Russian dolls from Moscow and a papyrus painting from Cairo. Our family moved with him for six months to Paris. Still, when I planned my long-term travels, I worried what he might say. Years before he seemed to question a friend who had decided to leave his job to move abroad in middle age. I was 44 and leaving everything to travel indefinitely. What I had forgotten was that my dad always encouraged me to do what was right for me, even if it went against the norm. He passed about two years before I finally left, but I had his blessing. “Go have the time of your life,” he said. “Don’t hold yourself back. There’s a whole world waiting.” And he added something that I count on as I go: “I’ll be with you.”

Katie – What’s Katie Doing ?

My Dad inspired me to travel. He used to have a job that required a lot of international travel. This meant he has visited all continents and a vast number of countries. Whilst it was not such fun when he was away on a business trip, it was fabulous when we went with him! My first taste of sushi was in a restaurant in Melbourne when we joined him on a trip to Australia. Even before the international travel we were always going for UK breaks in the school holidays, visiting lots of national parks, including the Lake District and the Peak District. My Dad has enabled me to travel by using his air miles too! 

Katie and her family on holiday

Well that was emotional, brought a tear to my eye, so lovely to read about all these travel inspirations. 

Who inspired you to travel? Let me know in the comments.


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