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Where the Italian and French Riviera Meet 

When picturing where to visit in Italy, most people think of the stunning cities, such as Rome , the seaside retreats such as Sardinia and the rock side towns such as Cinque Terre. All equally beautiful, but all crowded with tourists during Summer. This Summer, we were invited to try something and somewhere different. Pigna, Liguria to spend a few nights in a Liguria Holiday Homes TownHouse. We headed to Ventimilgia  by train and then made our way up the winding roads to Pigna. 

Living in Milan, I jump at any opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and what better way to do that than staying in a secluded Medieval village with only 994 inhabitants, rarely visited by tourists simply because they have not discovered this charming town yet . Pigna is Italian for pine cone , the layers of houses and streets built on top of one another are like the layers of a pine cone , all accessible by narrow winding paths connecting everything together. Pigna is like the place where time stands still,  It is so authentic and gives such an insight in to everyday Italian life.

What better way to experience the authenticity of village life in medieval Pigna, than stay in our very own medieval townhouse, traditional and authentic on the outside and modern and luxe on the inside, the perfect contrast. The town house wasn’t too far either from the main road so not too much walking and lugging up a suitcase which is perfect. My personal  favourite amenity was the whirlpool bath tub, perfect to relax in after a long day of walking in the heat.

Pigna is so walkable , and our two feet allowed us to access everywhere we wanted to go to whilst staying in the town house.  Three must dos when visiting Pigna are 

1: The rock pools and waterfalls 

This was the most breathtaking sight of the trip, simply walk down a little dirt track path through some greenery and you find this natural haven. We spent the whole day lying on the rocks in the baking sun and swimming in the natural pools. There is a posh hotel and spa where you can pay to use their pool, but why do that when you have natural beauty like this ! 
2: Climb to the top and take in the view 

There are so many stairs, and we got lost so many times , but exploring the medieval streets of Pigna in order to reach the top was great fun and totally worth it for the amazing view! 

3: Wander the medieval streets to find the hidden gems

Around every corner is the most beautiful architecture or a peaceful spot to sit and watch the world go by. 


Luckily, where the holiday home is based is right where the Italian and French Riviera meet. We headed to Monaco by train one night to see what it was all about, this took us only one hour from the town house ! The contrast between quaint medieval Pigna and luxe highend Monaco was insane ! But we stayed true to ourselves and went to good old McDonald’s for dinner ! 


We also headed by train from Ventimiglia to Nice which took us about 1.5 hours and the views from the train window along the coast were simply stunning ! We headed for a day at the beach and some exploring of Nice’s beautiful architecture! So crazy that we could be in another country in less than an hour ! 

Thankyou so much for having us Rachel, if you would like to check out the Holiday Home Click Here to find photographs and price details. 


6 thoughts on “Where the Italian and French Riviera Meet 

  1. Ooh, I can’t believe I’ve only been to Milan once (and then, only for a day!) Am definitely going to have to return now- so jealous you get to live there! Pigna looks like the cutest town- I always love stumbling upon places that not many other people know about 🙂


  2. Just discovered your beautiful blog Frankie. 🙂
    Pigna, hmm I’ve NEVER heard of this amazing little city haha but definitely adding it to my list now – thanks so much!
    P.S. Your photos are gorgeous! I would’ve booked a one-way ticket there right now, if I could, hehe. ❤


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