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The Gallus Glasgow tongue is a funny old thing. As a Scottish expat living in Italy, meeting lots of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, when I use my weegie words, I am very rarely understood. People look at me with a blank stare, you know that awkward situation, where you can only ask someone to repeat something three times, then you just have to smile and nod? Yeah, people do that to me a lot! So I thought, why not put people to the test, lets see if people from around the world can work out the meaning of these Scottish phrases.  I gave the girls 5 Phrases each and they had to respond with what they think it means.Look out for the real meaning underneath to see how close they get !

As I frequently get asked by many foreigners if Scotland is in England, which it is not, I would expect my English neighbours to have a good idea of what I am on about considering we are just over the border. Lizzie is an English travel blogger and trouble maker living on the outskirts of London, her blog is

1) “Bolt ya rocket” – Well ‘rocket’ in parts of England mean a really good looking girl, soooo you’re probably gonna pick up a good looking girl and chuck her across the room because that makes sense? Stay crazy Glasgow.

Oh we will stay crazy! A rocket is in fact a name for someone who is a bit of an idiot, and bolt means like go away, do one, no chance. So like do one you idiot ! 

2) “How no?” – Can I guess that there is a silent ‘w’ on no? And that you’re trying to say ‘how now, brown cow?’ Like that old nursery rhyme?

Simply “Why not?” 

3) “Shut yer geggy” –Shut your mouth you gobby old thing you. Stop talking.Imagine Janice is always chatting away really loudly but you have loads of work to do, ‘shut yer geggy Janice’  You explained this perfectly hahahaah!!!!

4) “Gaun Yersel” – Gaun looks like it could be ‘go on’. And ‘yersel’ is probably your nervous mate. ‘Go on Yersel, you can do it’.  Encouraging, I like it.

Spot on with the Gaun but Yersel, if infact not my mate, it means yourself ! But yes its encouragement! 

5) “Swally”  – Is this a type of bird? It looks like a type of bird.

No my dear, that is a swallow, swally is a bevy, sorry, an alocholic  beverage. 

Noemi a Filippino, from gave it a go.

1) “Dinghied” – same meaning as d*ckhead?

No, Dinghied means to be ignored or let down. 

2) “Chebs” – Chubby?

Chebs are your boobies, tits, breasts 🙂

3) “Gonny wrap it!” – that’s for take away (when ordering food ;-p)

This means “Will you stop that!”

4) “Im heavy ragin” – I’m soooo angry!

Yesss ! Well done !

5) “She is wired tae the moon” – she’s pissed drunk.

Yeah , totally out of it, on something or just crazy!

Clair from is a part time travel blogger and full time health researcher based in Dublin, Ireland.

1) What is a ‘jobby’? – Haven’t a clue… A part time job?!
It’s a poo !
2) “I’m hungry lets get scran”- Scran… A bit to eat?!
A feast or a big meal. Or to scran something is to eat it really quickly.
3) What is a ‘ned’? – I actually know this one. It’s what we call a “scanger” like a common person, someone from a low SES background.
Yep! Translates directly as a Non Educated Delinquent 
4) What does ‘doggin it’ mean? – Not a clue. Hoping it doesn’t mean the same at “dogging”?
Thankfully not! Bunking off / skipping school!
5) What is a ‘stank’? – Something not nice i’m guessing…. a bad smell?
A drain cover 

Next up with her 5, Menorca is an Indian expat living in Switzerland currently and blogging about her travels and experiences in Europe at

1) “Hawd yir weesht”  – How do you do?

No! Be quiet or shut up!

2) What is a ‘Glasgow Kiss’? – Hmm, maybe it’s a different way of greeting? Or maybe a chocolate.

It’s when somebody headbutts someone!

3)”Away and bile yer heed” – I am moving far away; but I’ll be watching you?

It means “Don’t be so stupid!”

4)”Mon then, Square go!” – C’mon! Clear up your mess and let’s go!

 This is what someone would say to challenge you to a fight or if they see two people fighting!

5) “I’ve got an empty” – stomach? I am hungry? Or perhaps, the object talked about is available with the speaker. empty room or bag etc

It means you’re home alone and you want to have a party!

Next up is Katie who is an Australian Travel Blogger

1) ” I’m gonny get so mad wae it” – I don’t know what I would think if someone said that to me! If they were angry I would think they’re about to fight me? But if not maybe they’re about to party?

Nearly, it means getting really really really drunk! 

2) What is a ‘fanny’? –  In Australia it means female private parts so I’m going to go with that.

Yes it’s your lady parts, or many people using it as an endearing term, like a name for an idiot

3) “All aboot the sesh!” – Um… all about the music, like a jam session? I have no idea!

The sesh, getting drunk and having a party ! I’m all about getting drunk and partying! 

4) What is a ‘wean’? – Maybe a baby cow or sheep or some other farm animal.

So close, a baby or a child (human not animal) 

5) “Gonny no dae that?!” – Oh gosh I would just stare at them puzzled! I have no idea! But if I had to guess I think it would mean ‘do you know what I mean’?

” Don’t do that please ” 

Again, English, just over the border, and not a bloody clue what I’m on about ! Penelope from

1) “I’ve got hee haw done”  – I’m pretty sure this is like ‘I’ve got absolutely nothing done’ so I’ve been totally unproductive today. Like me!

Well done ! Spot on!

2)What is a  “Beamer”? – The only thing I know as a beamer is a BMW…

A red face caused by embarrassment. 

3) What is a ‘Bam’? –  A bam? Sounds like it could be slang for sex but I don’t think it is, haha. Not a clue!

Hahaha! No it’s an idiot/loser

4) ‘Ragdoll’  – I always thought a ragdoll was just a doll… for children… but I’m probably wrong here!

To ragdoll someone is to fight them and hurt them pretty badly ! Terrible I know ! 

5) What is “winching”? Winching? I mean, I know the ACTUAL definition but I have a feeling it won’t be that. Trying especially hard? I literally have no clue at all.

Simply kissing 🙂 

Next up is Verushka from

A lifestyleblogger from Durban , South Africa. Has a mild addiction to all things British and has been bitten by the travel bug.

1) What is ‘council juice’?  – Money from the government

  Water that comes from the tap/ aka tap water.

2)” She is an absolute munter”  – A pretty girl.

Far from it, an ugly girl who isn’t very nice.

3)”Yir on tae plums” –  there you go

Not a chance of that happening.

4)What does ‘Coorie in’ mean? – Come in

To snuggle up and cuddle.

5)” I’m in ma bit” –  I am alone

I’m at my house/area.

 Next up , New Yorker, Karen from

1) “winch” – To look for something and maybe wince at the same time.

A kiss or a snog.

2) “bawbag” – When you’re really sad and cryingin a ball?

Hahaha! No It’s a ball sack, scrotum, or an endearing term for someone a bit silly. 

3) “It’s pure baltic” – It’s really cold

yessss! Well Done !

4) “Taps aff”  – Hell yes Beer!

In a way it does lead to this, but as soon as it’s over 20 degrees , TAPS AFF! ( tops off to sunbathe)

5) “Did ye, aye?”  – Are you a pirate too?

A reply to someone who is boasting or lying. Like “As if you did that” 

Anisa is a Texan part-time blogger who has been to 33 countries and counting.  Her next trip is going to be a England/Scottish roadtrip with her English boyfriend so she needs to practise!

1) ” Stop being such a sook” –To me this sounds like the Scottish alternative to stop being a party pooper? When someone is ruining everyone else’s fun.
Nope , a sook is someone who ‘sucks up’ like a teachers pet or a kiss ass.
2) “That guys pure sound”Similar to when we say someone is all bark and no bite.  A person that is all talk and can not back it up with actions.
Sound means like cool, or nice or like he’s a good guy, no trouble.
3) “Geez it” – Just Do it!
Not a Nike advert haha Geez it means ‘Give me it’
4) “Aye right” – Thanks for reminding me.
Simply, ‘Yeah right’
5)  “Lets get a carry oot”  – Would this be the way to say that you want your food to go?
An alcoholic beverage from an off license ! A cerrryyy ooootttt aka a Carry Out 

So guys who do you think did best and worst? I can’t believe how terribly our English neighbours did ! Any words or meanings that surprised you? Jobby is definitely my favourite Scottish word! What is yours ?  Drop a comment below! Thanks for taking part ladies! But you’ve no chance if you ever visit Glasgow !    Catch ye efter, Frankie xox

19 thoughts on “Weegie Words

  1. Loved reading this! I’m a New Yorker who lived in Glasgow for a year and I still only got about a quarter of these. It does bring back memories of the first month or so I was there, walking down the street and listening to people speak and thinking “That’s not… is that Gaelic?? What is that? …Holy sh*t, it’s english.”


  2. This is so fun. I live in a tourist town that has only about a 100 people living here in the winter but about 300 just workers in the summer! The best part is we have employees from about 20 different countries. It is amazing how different we all are. This would be a fun activity to do!


    Thank you.


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