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Cruise Diaries – Day 5 & 6 

Thomson Celebration 

Day 5&6 

Corfu & Montenegro 

It definitely felt like the best was left till last on this cruise. Day 5, we arrived in Corfu, what a massive big port, and the cheapest duty free you will ever find in your life, particularly if you’re a smoker 😉 

At Corfu port there is a bus service in to the old town but the queue was longer than a week in the jail! We jumped in a taxi which took us in to the heart of the town for €10 and our taxi driver was hillarious, teaching us Greek swear words. Corfu Town is absolutely beautiful, but my god it was hot ! The town offered plenty little cute cafes to stop for a drink and to get some shade! But naturally, 4 women together, we headed for the shops! Bags, bags and more bags! Don’t be afraid to haggle , and try going up the meandering  alleyways, that’s where all the bargains are at! 

We then stopped for the most incredible lunch! The Greek food is above and beyond ! So traditional and authentic and so fresh ! We shared tzatziki, hummus, olives and a Greek salad ! Then I had a chicken kebab for main! I’m surprised I managed to get any photos before I scoffed the lot ! 

Day 6 – Kotor, Montenegro 

This was by far the most spectacular port of the whole trip, it was like a fairytale. And my favourite part, it was so untouched and it didn’t feel like it was heaving with selfie stick wielding tourists. Kotor is so walkable, we walked round all the cobbled streets, delight round every corner just taking it all in. 


The architecture in Kotor is breathtaking, especially round the city walls area. After a lot of walking we found a lovely spot beside the water for some traditional Montenegrin lunch and some jumping photos of course.   

I got back on the ship in a daze, if I’m honest I’d never really heard of Montenegro or known of anyone visiting there before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away. But oh, it gets better, for our last night on the ship we booked in to the Steakhouse Grill restaurant, up on deck. We got to cook our steaks on a lava stone which was a great bit of fun in itself. We set sail from Montenegro and it was the most spectacular sail away I’ve ever seen, the views were incredible and there was such a beautiful energy. (The view enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco in hand of course)  

One day in Kotor just wasn’t enough, I would love to go back and hopefully explore more of Montengro! Have any of you visited Montengro or Corfu? 


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