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Cruise Diaries- Day 3 & 4

Sea day & Corinth 

It was so surreal waking up and looking out the port hole, seeing the waves crashing against the side and literally seeing only blue out to the horizon. We spent our third day of the cruise “at sea”, a great day to chill out up on deck, but be careful, this is the most likely day to get burned , as the ship I moving there is a constant breeze so you never feel yourself getting hot! 

Sea day is my favourite for one reason and one reason only, CAPTAINS NIGHT! Everyone dons their best cocktail dress and tux, to head to the ballroom for cocktails with the captain and a beautiful 5 course  dinner ! It’s great fun and I love seeing everyone all glammed up! 

I’m not gonna lie, Corinth was a massive disappointment ! It was a Sunday, everything was shut and unless you want to do the 2 hour bus ride to baking hot Athens for an 8 hour trip then it’s just a waste of a stop! We got off and went for a walk and went to the little beach, but after an hour we were ready to get back on the ship! Very disappointed ! 

Has anywhere you’ve visited really disappointed you? Where and why ? 


4 thoughts on “Cruise Diaries- Day 3 & 4

  1. Wow! You look great in your little black dress. I think that would be one of my favorite nights too. Everything is closed on Sunday, that’s unfortunate a stop on Sunday was included. Enjoying staying updated.


  2. While they were not of interest in the past, there are some cruises I can now see myself doing, particularly to Alaska. The thing that gets me is one is “tied” to the boat even if passengers are allowed on-land visits. If the latter go poorly or are cancelled, that feeling of being “bound to the boat” would be much stronger, and not in a positive way.


  3. I’m never really dissapointed I’m just such a reflective person. When I first left Cuba I felt a sense of disappointment but it was actually more confusion and frustrating. If you’re interested I can link you my review. Great read here though short and snappy, thanks for sharing.


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