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5 reasons to love Italy in Spring 

Living in Italy, I am getting to experience the destinations inside and outside peak seasons. Here are the many reasons I’m falling in love with Italy in Spring…

Italy is in full bloom 

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? And, in the spring, you won’t just see the lovely fiori of Italy blooming across the countryside—but even in the cities. Across Milan the trees lining the streets are budding and parks are blooming.  


The weather is just right 

For us Scots, 20 degrees is beach weather! Yes, the Italians will still wear hats and scarfs and you will get very strange looks for not wearing a jacket, and how dare you, wearing sandals with your toes out! Warm enough to break out those sandals and dresses… and cool enough to be comfortable when you’re sightseeing all day outside.  


No tourist overload

It is busy enough to take in the atmosphere and feel of the Italian way of life. But it’s not yet at the point where the locals are nowhere to be seen and you have to fight your way through crowds of tourists and queue for anything and everything !  


It’s not longer too cold for gelato! Of course you can have a gelato any time of the year but the best time is spring – when all the locals are excited about the lovely weather, everyone heads to the park and the gelato shop.  


It’s affordable 

March and April are classed as what they call “shoulder seasons”! So it’s a lot cheaper to visit in these months than it is in summer when they bump all of the prices up !  

Have you ever visited Italy ? When is you’re favourite time to travel and why ? 



36 thoughts on “5 reasons to love Italy in Spring 

  1. Those trees!!!! They are like from a dream. I live in upstate NY and work in uptown Kingston [nice kind of hipster area, lots of shops/restaurants] and we had this freak spring weather the beginning of march and these beautiful pink trees just like this one here- they are my favorite in the spring!!


      1. Well it depends where you go and what you like to do! Im a summer girl- and in upstate ny there is SO much to do in the summer- hiking, swimming holes, tubing down rivers lol- spring is beautiful too but our spring really starts to warm up in like end of april to may… If you want to visit nyc id say spring or fall.. Central park is beautiful in the fall and its too hot and muggy/gross down there in the summer lol. Of course fall up here is stunning too with the mountains and foliage 🙂 so it really depends!


  2. Your photos are so inviting! Spring is such a beautiful time with everything bursting into life, best to get out and enjoy it as soon as possible 🙂


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