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Up and Away! Hot Air Balloon Ride , Marrakech, Morocco 

  Floating across the sky at sunrise, enjoying a bird’s-eye view of Morocco’s deserts and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Letting the wind take us to discover the earth from the air. Definite bucket list material – asking myself “did I really just do that?” 

We awakaned early, very early, to leave our Marrakech hotel by 4×4 with a guide,as we began to travel to the launch site in time for our Hot Air Balloon ride.  

On arrival, we were greeted with traditional Moroccan tea to give us the energy boost we needed, and the calm the nerves.  We then took a seat in a Berber tent to savour a delicious breakfast of Moroccan staples such as corn bread, pancakes, olives and fresh fruit. In the distance, our balloon lay on the ground like a sleeping giant. Suddenly, we were given the go-ahead and ran towards our balloon. We stood around the balloon watching it be inflated- with a sky show of fierce flames.  

Then 12 of us clambered in to our allocated basket compartments,on all fours. The balloon quickly inflate to its full, round sphere, and then before I realise it, we had taken flight. We were in the air, I was paralysed with awe! Our pilot then asked me “have you flown before?”  To which I replied, no! He then said “I haven’t either!” His humour defintley calmed our nerves as the balloon went up, up and away! 

 When you ride a hot air balloon, you’re at the airs mercy, only being able to control height, not speed or direction. The experience is exhilarating, slightly terrifying, but my eyes were vivid with wonder; trying to take everything in, whilst clutching to the basket for dear life. Flying was very peaceful and smooth but almost eerie, as it didn’t feel like we were even off the ground. We floated over small towns, farming areas and got to see the mountains illuminated by the morning sun !   

 After an hour, our basket lowered back to ground gently in the middle of the desert, the jeeps were ready to take us back to our starting points to retrieve our certificates and have a final cup of mint tea. The whole way back to the hotel I felt as if somehow, I had lived a dream whilst wide awake.  

 Have any of you ever been on a hot air ballon ride ? Is it on your bucket list ? 

Have a look for the company we used Here! They are #1 on TripAdvisor and were very reasonably priced! We chose a ‘standard flight’ but there are other options !    



34 thoughts on “Up and Away! Hot Air Balloon Ride , Marrakech, Morocco 

  1. Your photos and videos are awesome! This looks like such an incredible experience! I’ve been really wanting to do this in Sedona, Arizona. And it looks like I may be going there this summer, so may be able to make it a reality soon! But I’m scared of heights, so it’ll definitely be interesting! haha


    1. Yeah I’m not fond of heights myself but it felt different being detached from the ground rather than the fear you get standing at the top of a very tall building ! I can’t even begin to explain it , it was so surreal !


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  3. Wow! I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco! And despite being terrified of heights wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon. I’m sure I’ll go to Morocco someday, but I’m not sure I’ll have the courage to ride in a hot air balloon!


  4. This looks like such an amazing adventure, thank you for sharing. Inspires me to get up in the balloons at Electric Forest this year!


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