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Cat Cafe 

Some people visit Budapest to explore its history, to admire its architecture, to understand its culture and then there’s cat cafe! I’m going to be honest with you , I’m more of a dog person, but I couldn’t miss this strange opportunity that I had heard so much about ! For any of you who love pussy , the feline kind, Cat Cafe is one not to be missed !  

 After a long, very cold , day exploring Budapest. What better way to warm up than with a Nutella late in a cosy cafe surrounded by some fluffy friends ! Cat Cafe Budapest (Revay Utca 3) is two floors of feline frenzy ,not as cosy I imagined it would be, very airy and bright ! But there are so many cats and lots of cute toys to entertain them with.  

There are several rules set out when entering, pictures with no flash, don’t feed the cats and don’t pick the cats up. But the cats were very sociable and appeared to be living a life of luxury as they lounged around all day being petted. All the food and drinks are cat themed, you can get a CATACHINO, which made me laugh! Also I found the place very clean and hygienic, with every table providing an antibacterial hand gel to use. So if you’re in Budapest and get fed up of walking around and need a break and a really good hot chocolate then visit cat cafe , such a weird experience !  


Have you ever been to a cat cafe ? Do you think you would enjoy this experience ? 

Ciao Frankie xoxo  



15 thoughts on “Cat Cafe 

  1. I am a dog person but I really like the concept. Imagine someone starting a dog cafe! All the dogs would jump around and cuddle you so much.


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