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A guide to Beautiful Budapest 

Before I went to Budapest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect …

Most people a bit puzzled as to why we would want to go there, why not ! 

Nobody prepared me for how beautiful Budapest is . The capital of Hungary seems to have been looked over by European tourism as a worthy destination to visit. Budapest has so much to offer travellers, it was ridiculously cheap, a city with so much history and it is just so beautiful to look at. Budapest is one of the most , if not the, most underrated city in Europe ! But if your still not convinced, here are my top things to do in beautiful Budapest! 

1. Chain Bridge 

This was built in the 1800s to connect Buda and Pest. At one point it was the largest suspension bridge in Europe. It is certainly the most charming of the cities bridges. The view it boasts is one that need to be seen , a photograph just does not do it justice ! Even more beautiful at night when lit by thousand of fairy lights, illuminating across the River Danube. A nice mix of the old and the new.


chain bridge view from the hotel
  2. Shoes on the Danube memorial 
This was in incredibly moving experience. Yes,I cried. It would be hard not to. Around 40 different pairs of iron shoes can be found scattered along the waters edge. Men , women and children’s shoes, representing where the Jewish people  were lined up , ordered to take off their shoes and then shot in to the Danube River. A cruel reminder of the world of the past. The real tear jerker for me was a boot , stood alone, with a single dropping red tulip hanging out of it as tribute. It was a very somber atmosphere.  

an emotional tribute

3. Hungarian Parliament Building 

The beautiful and unique architecture can be seen from Buda on the river side . It also boasts a beautiful view over the River Danube, try to catch it during sunset, what a spectacular view. The performances of the guards is also very special to watch.  

at sunset

4. Take the funicular 

This was a crazy experience, in a little tram carriage , literally travelling vertically up a hill with a very steep gradient. When you see the amount of stets to reach the top you’ll decide to take the funicular too ! Not just for the lazy side of me but the view on the way up was spectacular !  


5. Castle Hill 

The views from the top were spectacular. It was a windy day , I nearly got blown off, but it was so worth it to. I literally stood for ages just soaking in the view. It boasted beautiful, narrow, cobbled streets and a lovely atmosphere. I , of course, had to do a jumping shot, mainly to warm me up.

6. Cat cafe 

The most surreal experience that I just had to try. I’m more of a dog person! I just couldn’t fathom cats just casually jumping up on you while you have a … Wait for it … CATACHINO hahahah  


7. Walk along the River Danube 

The Danube river is what separate Buda and pest ! It offers a relaxed stroll to really appreciate the lights of Budapest by night. 


8. Rudas Baths 

Numpty here forgot her bikini bottoms so we trailed around Budapest for an hour on the hunt for a swimming costume, leaving us not enough time to visit the famous szechenyi baths! But in a way I’m kind of glad. We mapped the nearest baths to us and ended up at the Rudas baths in a rooftop thermal hot tub! What. A. View.  


Have you ever visited Budapest ? What were your favourite things to do and see ? 


Frankie xoxo 

Look out for my blog posts about my hotel in Budapest, cat cafe and the Rudas baths !  


34 thoughts on “A guide to Beautiful Budapest 

  1. Budapest is amazing, I’m so glad you had a good time! It rained constantly for the two days that we were there, but it was still an incredible city to explore. Your photos make me want to return!


  2. Hey Frankie! Glad you loved Budapest (: I’m so glad you got a chance to visit the cat cafe also… I had a cat-paccino too!! hehehe x)


  3. I visited Budapest as a kid but I’m longing to go there again! Glad to see you guys had such a good time there. I saw your picture on instagram with the shoe and the tulip and the story behind it broke my heart, it’s so sad. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Frankie
    I’m a bit surprised that people asked you why you were going to Budapest – this city is so beautiful! And their parlament building looks like Westminster! 🙂


  5. You have done my city a great justice. I practically grew up in Budapest and my kids are half Hungarian. Convincing friends to come to Budapest was a struggle, because it was hidden in Eastern Europe but soon when they came, they were blown away. The turkish baths, the castle, the Hero’s square (Hosok Tere) etc. An amazing city, i am proud to be part Hungarian. Did you try the food? Did you get to the Lake Resort? Would like to know. Awesome piece!


    1. Thankyou. So much for your lovely comments 🙂
      I tried many of the deserts but not many meals, we went to Hard Rock Cafe , how embarrassing! We did not manage to visit the lake resort either! Will need to add that to the list for next time !

      Liked by 1 person

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