Top Travels of 2015

It was a quiet 6 months, saving to move to Milan , but once we arrived in September the adventures began! One of the many reasons we moved here, to travel! In four short months we have done a lot and seen a lot of amazing things in many amazing places! Here is my round up of my Top 5 places I visited in 2015! 

A Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy 

A day just wasn’t enough! I will definitely be back to visit in 2016! img_2733

The Trevi Fountain in Rome,Italy 

Even more beautiful at night ! img_4168

 Lago Di Lecco  

A peaceful lake side town enjoyed on a beautiful summers day 

Bellagio, Lake Como 

A beautiful island accessed by ferry on the stunning Lake Como  

Expo 2015, Milano 

An exhibition celebrating a range of countries all over the world! The highlight for me was the tree of light show at night !


What are your travel highlights of 2015? 

Look out for my next blog on my 2016 Travel Wishlist !

Frankie xoxo 


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