My top 10 Instagram posts of 2015 

I must admit, Instagram is my favourite social media outlet as I feel a picture speaks a thousand words! I love trawling through everyone’s beautiful pictures and seeing the world through other people eyes, well through other people’s camera lenses! I thought I was start my 2015 roundup with my most popular posts, in no particular order! 

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Location: Venice 

  We got very lost in Venice, but getting lost and finding this hidden gem of a view reduces the stress. And of course, in a stressful situation, the best thing to do is take your phone out an get snap happy ! 

Location : Rome 


The sky was just so beautiful that day, I had never seen anything like it , accompanied by the eerie quietness of St Peters Square, it made for a great panoramic pic ! 

Location : Lugano Switzerland  

I like that you guys like the simplicity of a rock like statue thing, leaves and some stick things. Oh yeah, and a beautiful sunset over a lake with the mountains in the background ! Could have stared at this view for days ! 

Location : Vittorio Emanuele II Milano 

   Of course, anything drenched in millions of Swarovski crystals will look beautiful! A girls dream ! 

Location: Bellagio Lake Como 


The view from our room, this photo required zero effort, filters or effects! Just pure, natural beauty ! If only I could wake up to that view every day ! 

Location : Corso Sempione Park    Every time I look at this picture I naturally start to sing all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey … I love that you guys love the beauty of autumn leaves and their vibrant colours as much as I do! Took this photo on the walk home after a rubbish day at work! 

  Location: Maniva Ski Resort
 As I stomped up the stairs of our chalet at 5:30am to shout at the boys in my class who had woken me on our school trip they responded with Miss Francesca you can’t be angry that we woke you because otherwise you would have missed the beautiful sunrise ” chancers! 

  Location: Lake  Como 

  This picture captures exactly what I love about Italy!

Location : Trevi Fountain 

Rome is just my favourite place, the Trevi Fountain is so amazing at night all lit up and it was so quiet allowing for perfect photos ! 

Location : Como 

   And yeah , me, jumping … 
What is your most liked picture of on instagram? Is it your favourite social media outlet? 

Ciao Frankie xoxo 


11 thoughts on “My top 10 Instagram posts of 2015 

  1. Amazing pictures! I love Instagram, it is my fav too, I do fashion and travel and have lots of that on my acct! I will follow you! I want to see that fountain in Rome, you are one lucky girl to travel to all these places!



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