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The Build Up To Christmas in Milan


2 more sleeps till I go home to Scotland to spend Christmas and New Year with my amazing family who I haven’t seen for 4 months! I really thought I would find it strange not being home for the lead up to Christmas. But I was wrong …

As with everything, Milan have to do it in style and my lead up to Christmas here did not disappoint ! To kick off the festivities Milan hold a massive market with exhibitions called L’Artigiano in Fiera. Each exhibition hall is dedicated to a different place from around the world, showcasing it’s food, traditions and produce. You can read my original blog post on this event Here! This really got me in the Christmas Mood as there were so many beautiful stalls and I bought lots of my Xmas presents here! The atmosphere had such a buzz and the food was amazing !


L’Artigiano in Fiera

Where we live in Milan isn’t the central part but it is an up and coming new area, I didn’t expect there to be much around for Xmas but I was pleasantly surprised one night walking back from work to find this beautiful, quirky, Christmas Tree lit up and decorated with Christmad Greetings in all the languages of the world! I thought amidst all the terrible things that have happened in the world this year it was a lovely tribute to unity! Not only was there the beautiful tree but a mini Christmas market with stalls all lit up and a mini ice skating rink. So cute!  The atmosphere is just so lovely and I find myself wandering round the stalls everyday too and from work, oops! 


Porta Nuova

But the Galleria Vittirio Emanuele II stole the show with the most stunning Swarovski crystal encrusted Christmas tree! Every girls dream! It was absolutely breathtaking to go and see and became quite a tourist attraction! Piazza Del Duomo did not disappoint either! Another beautiful Christmas tree and and array of Christmas market stalls creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere as Christmas carols,played from speakers, that could be heard over the large crowds!


And best of all … Teachers Christmas jumper party!  We all gave each other our secret Santa gifts after a lot of mulled wine and Prosecco! My Santa new me very well as they bought me a selfie stick and man did it go to good use !

  As much as the build up to Xmas in Milan has been fun I cannot wait to get home to Scotland for the festivities and a cold can of Irn bru with a full Scottish breakfast on Christmas Morning !

Where are you all celebrating Xmas?

Look out for my Christmas in Scotland blog and Merry Christmas to everyone reading!
Ciao Frankie



16 thoughts on “The Build Up To Christmas in Milan

  1. Oh my goodness!! Thanks to this post I have put that amazing Christmas market on my bucket list. What a genius concept! How lucky to live in Europe. 🙂 #bloggingengagement


      1. We went to Edinburgh- saw the Tattoo:) Then headed up to the highlands, which are stunningly gorgeous. We visited Loch Ness on the most clear and sunny day; it was dreamy. And then went down to England! It was an amazing trip. Happy New Year to you as well!


      2. Sounds fantastic ! Next time if you’re ever back, go to Luss in Loch Lomond ! It’s where my boyfriend took me on our first date nearly 5 years ago ! It’s beautiful ! Glad you enjoyed Scotland !


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