A day in Verona 


our love locks

There are so many self proclaimed cities of love. Two of which I have been lucky enough to visit, Rome & Venice. 

But to visit the birth place of Romeo & Juliet  was firmly on my Travel Wishlist. With just one day in Verona I arrived with a spring in my step – ready to explore where the worlds most renowned love story was created! 
We arrived in Verona by a short train journey from Milano Centrale, another fabulous TrenItalia 2×1 Special. We got walking from the train station to the City Centre, which wasn’t too far to walk at all. The city was alive with a buzzing energy in the early morning and the sun beaming down creating warmth, even in November, Gary was in shorts (typical Scots)! We headed to Juliets House fighting through the crowd of tourists to get a glimpse at her balcony and the love letters on the wall and Gary and I attached our love lock to the gate.  

Juliet’s Balcony
Afterward we stopped at Venchi, because when is
fresh strawberries

dripping in melting chocolate and cream not a good idea ? 

With only one day to explore,without a map, we got lost in this wonderful city. We walked along the bank of the Adige River in the beautiful sunshine until we stumbled on the stunning Castelvecchio.  

  We then headed back to the main Piazza in Verona and it had quiettened down a lot. The ArenadiVerona was as beautiful as ever as the sun was beginning to set.   

 Verona is a surprisingly small city that could easily be visited it not feeling rushed or like you’re cramming everything in. However, I would have loved to spend more time here. I would set aside 2 days to properly explore but if time is sparse one day is enough to get gloriously lost in all the little side streets. 

Have you ever visited Verona ? Leave me a comment. 

Ciao Frankie xoxo 

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8 thoughts on “A day in Verona 

  1. Such a beautiful post! I’m definitely adding Verona to my bucket list. Have you seen the movie “Letters from Juliet”? It revolves around the love story of Romeo and Juliet and is set in Verona. It is so great.

    x, Juliet


  2. I absolutely LOVE Italy! I haven’t made it to Veroba yet but I’ll have to get there. Your pics are wonderful and the strawberries with chocolate and whipped cream look and sound delicious!!!


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