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Lugano, Switzerland in December 


“The gateway to heaven “
 Lugano is a quaint and tranquil small lake side town in Switzerland. It is only 1 Wee hour from Milan, Italy. Due to it being so close to Italy it very much has an Italian culture. It has the Italian mantra but just a little more sleepy, like Como or Lecco. All of the food was Italian cuisine and the language of choice for this area was Italian. It didn’t feel very Swiss,  infact it felt like we were still in Italy, except everything was more expensive! €40 for a Burger King I’d expect a golden whopper for that !  I feel you would need to venture further in to Switzerland to get the real Swiss experience. It was however, very peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of Milan. In a weird way though, I missed the busyness! On Sunday, nobody is anywhere to be seen and everything is shut, which does give a nice opportunity to wander along the lake and visit the beautiful Parco Civico !  

Parco Civico
panaroramic view of Lake Lugano
looking out on the amazing view

We were away Saturday to Sunday. We arrived at 10am so had plenty of time to kill before check in. We went to the most beautiful, authentic  salmuleria and had a baguette, the food was delicious and the place was family run. 

  We then got a bit fed up of trailing our cases around , well Gary got fed up trailing the cases around for me, he always takes mine too, what a gent ! So we chanced it and trekked up the slopes (we discovered Lugano is very hilly) and finally found our beautiful hotel at the top.  

   I booked Continental ParkHotel on the Easy to book website. Although it was little bit further out it looked beautiful  and had a great Trip Advisor Review , #5/43 and I can see why ! We arrived 3 hours before check in to be greeted by the sweetest receptionist. We simply asked if we could leave our bags somewhere safe. She then checked and our rooms was ready and she let us check in ! When booking, nowhere did it say anything about a balcony , so you can imagine my delight when I saw this … 
    And even better when I stepped out and saw this view …
UWe sat on the balcony, tested the bed 😉 Behave! We had a nap! We then headed down to the cente, those hills were much easier down than up! 

We found a beautiful little square with a stunning Xmas tree and some cute market stalls . We had a walk about and then window shipped in all the designer boutiques ( yes, I picked my foci tonal engagement ring from Cartier, a girl can dream) we then took a romantic stroll along the lake side and watched the sun set .   

  Then back to the hotel for another nap & a costume change. The view from our balcony st night was gorgeous, made even better with a bottle of  Prosecco! 


We returned to the same piazza that had the Christmas tree, at night and it was like a different place , such a different atmoshpere. It was so quiet with not much to do but the lights were beautiful !  



I would return to Lugano but maybe for the day as Sunday was very quiet and we felt like we saw everything on Sayurday. I loved how sleepy Italy it felt but also craved my first experience in Switzerland to feel more Suisse. 

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Where would you recommend? 

Ciao Frankie xoxo 


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8 thoughts on “Lugano, Switzerland in December 

  1. Looks like a lovely place for a weekend getaway! I’ve only been to Switzerland for skiing with my family when I was a child. Maybe I should plan a romantic weekend with my boyfriend to Lugano 😉


    1. It was lovely and peaceful ! I imagine it would be nicer in summer to chill beside the lake or pool in the sun! But never the less it was still beautiful! Can’t recommend our hotel enough ! ❤️ €100 a night at the weekend !
      Thanks for reading xoxo


  2. Ah, how beautiful! My husband has always wanted to travel to the little towns in the Swiss Alps! We went to Italy a few years ago and loved it. Will have to visit this area the next time!


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