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L’Artigiano in Fiera 

Today we ventured to the L’Artigiano in Fiera, I was expecting a few cute rows of market stalls, man was I wrong!  It was a combination of 8 different exhibition halls filled to the brim with beautiful stalls, resteraunts and performance stages ! Each exhibition hall was dedicated to a different place from around the world, showcasing it’s food, traditions and produce

Firstly we visited Italy!  In Italy the hall was sectioned in to regions, there was Milan, Sicily, Tuscany etc… We visited Napoli first for some authentic pizza 😊🍕


authentic italian pizza

and the cakes were to die for !  

italian canoli
The stalls ranged from food to jewellery to clothing to alcohol and what I liked most was everything felt so authentic and you could tell it had been hand crafted with love. I bought some beautiful Christmas gifts for my family ( which I can’t show you for obvious reasons).   

I’ve just noticed all my photos and comments are so far about food 😂 wooops …

 After our 2 hour stint in the Italy hall we moved on to Asia ! The smell of the spices made my mouth water but I was stuffed from my pizza and cannoli 😂 the atmosphere in here was what I imagine an authentic Asian market place to sound and smell like! 


We then moved on to visit Europe and our first stop was Spain! They had Spanish castanet music playing and beautiful senoritas strutting their stuff on stage ! Whilst they were cooking the hugest pan of paella I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I didn’t try any as I once had a bad experience with seafood paella. (A full size muscle came out my nose when I was sick, traumatised for life !) 


Then , we saw the sign, an arrow with a blue and white solitaire flag, Scotland! Irn bru, square sausage, haggis, black pudding… No, one measley stall selling bagpipe music 😭 but there was a very cute English cupcake stall…

And in Switzerland the most beautiful Swiss chocolate figures ! Yes these are chocolate shoes ! What more could a woman want … 

After 5 hours of wandering about we gave in and headed home! There is no way you could do this whole place properly in one day! So we are hoping to return ! I will leave the details below !  For those of you in Milano it is so easy to get to by Metro!

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I hope you enjoyed reading guys and I hope I didn’t make you to hungry ! 
Ciao Frankie xoxo 


20 thoughts on “L’Artigiano in Fiera 

  1. WOW! This sounds like a foodie’s DREAM! I hope to make it to this market some day. I might have to be rolled out of it though… Awesome post and your pictures made my mouth water!


    1. I literally could have went just for the food , you can tell I’m greedy as I only took photos of food !! There was lots of products from small business beautiful scarfs jewellery and crafts too! Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. We would be good friends is what it sounds like haha. I have a one track mind on food as well! That would be exciting to see products made from small businesses around the world. I hope to make it there some day!


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