Monza Grand Prix 2015


Monza Race Track Enterance


After finding out I got the teaching job in Milan, with no flights booked to get us there and no place to live when we got there, of course my boyfriends priority was to book tickets to the Monza Grand Prix, which just conveniently happened to coincide with our first weekend in Italy. ( I still think Gary agreed to the whole move just because of this reason!) 

As a ‘non-formula 1′ fan, to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with excitement. I’ve only ever followed formula one because I’ve had to watch, read and listen about it for the last four and a half years, I’m quite the expert now, but I really don’t get the thrill and excitement of watching it on TV, at 5am, to see who qualifies…!  I should be grateful it isn’t on as often as football (hugs out there to all the football widows)  However, to shut him up,  I agreed and thought it actually might be quite fun! So we booked tickets from the UK from The book f1 website, we paid £86 each for a 3 day general admission ticket. The lovely BookF1 people even posted our tickets out to Milan free of charge. 

 From Milan , Monza is so easy to get to , it takes under an hour, and very cheap. We used TrenItalia to get us there. Once we arrived there was a bus service provided for €4 each day, as the track is quite far from the train station.

On Thursday  we went to the track  Auto Dromo Di Monza to do the pit walk. I thought it would be boring, but it was actually so interesting to see the pit lane and watch all the teams in action in their garages, prepping for the race. After some moaning from me about being too hot and having sore feet we sat down for a rest at the entrance to the paddock and lucky we did. Got to see Jenson Button and Fernando Allonso. For once my moaning had paid off.

On Saturday we went to the qualifying. It was a scorcher of day ! To be honest I was there for the tan and the beer. 

Sunday – Race Day 

Another scorcher of a day, we sat at ParaBollica , which gave us an amazing view of the track and we met a lovely family. Me , the non formula one fan, sent Gary to get food and drinks, the food stalls on site were so good, and he missed the Drivers parade! The drivers slowly went round the track, the cheers and the atmosphere from the Tifosi (Ferrari fan since) was amazing.  To start the race in style,the  Italian Airforce  did a fly over.

 The race itself was a thrill as the two Ferrari drivers received roars and cheers from the Italian fans every time they drove past. The race ended with a Hamilton win  but one of the ferraris made it on to the podium! The crd went wild, as we all surged out our seats and invaded the track racing towards the podium. We were lucky to witness the whole podium ceremony . Everyone flying their flags and chanting at the top of their lungs, for a non formula one fan , it was the best at,osphere I have ever experienced, it was such a buzz!

Then after the race, us, 5 mancoonions and 15 Swedish men spent the night on wooden benches outside a beer snack van , drinking ! But we will save that blog for another time …
Ciao Frankie xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Monza Grand Prix 2015

  1. I’m rather jealous as I’m a mad F1 fan and love Ferrari. I go to Silverstone every year, but the closest I got to the circuit as Monza was driving past it for a work trip a few years ago. One day I’ll get there with my little boy! Enjoy Milan, it’s a beautiful city from what I’ve seen on work trips in the past.


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