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When in Rome…

Rome…  A place I have always longed to visit but the cost to fly from Scotland has always stood in my way. However, living in Milan, where the travel opportunites seem to be endless (and cheap) I thought I would pop in to Google, a Milan to Rome search. I was fully expecting the results to be flights! Delightfully to my surprise, Rome is a 3 hour train journey from Milan and a fairly new train company Italo were offering a return for 44 Euros, at the weekend, bargain! The train journey was very comfortable, hassle free and a direct journey, although I did snooze most of the way!

We arrived in Roma Termini Statzione, which is really central, our Hotel was a 15 minute walk from here which was ideal. Like typical tourists we wandered about for a bit, wheelie suitcases in tow, turned the corner on to to the cutest, authentic Italian street, and at the top of the hill was our wee hotel, ‘Hotel Grifo’. It had been a cheap and cheerful find on at 120 Euros for 2 nights, I must admit I did have the fear .  I was pleasantly surprised, the staff were so friendly and welcoming with a list at the ready of the ‘must see places’ which i thought was a nice touch. The hotel was clean and did what it said on the tin. There was no king size deluxe four poster bed or a jacuzzi bath but the location was amazing! Also, if you’re in your room in Rome for more than to sleep and get ready, then you’re doing Rome totally wrong! 

Our Hotel street and sign!

OMG! I am horrific with directions, I’m one of those people who walks in to a shop one direction, comes out after 10 mins, and walks back the way I just came! On this trip City Maps 2Go app was my saviour! It works in any city ( I still use it to get around Milan and I have lived here for 3 months now hahah) It highlights the best points to visit with little stars and, the best bit, it doesn’t need data to load and navigate, so you can save all your data for posting those cheeky selfies 😉 !

(Sorry Mum if you’re reading this) Yes, I am a terrible person, I went all the way to Rome for  weekend and only went for one authentic Italian meal. I spent two nights in… Hard Rock Cafe Rome. For us, it was a luxury to have some grease as we have pasta and pizza in the plentiful in Milano. There are a lot of commercialised restaurants claiming to serve authentic Italian, trust me Hard Rock Cafe sells more authentic pasta than some of these places ! So beware… If there is a man saying Ciao Bella and begging you to come in, chances are… it is a chicken ding restaurant with microwave technicians for chefs! The best food is the street food, arrancini balls and massive slices of pizza mmmmmmm…* slabbers down chin*

So When in Rome, my must sees were…  ( in no particular order) * said like the X Factor voice over man* 

The Trevi fountain at night …

Breathtaking, and we got to see a man propose, yes I cried, in fact I cried more than the bride to be did …

St Peters Square and The Vatican 


Trojans Column 

The Colosseum at night 

Walk along the River Tiber 

and when in Rome… 

Dress up like a Roman of course

Ciao for now! 

Frankie xoxo

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