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From Glasgow to Milano…

I used to spend hours on social media enviously trawling through an endless amount of travel accounts, people ‘living the dream’, exploring the world, getting lost in a new City or sipping a Pina Colada on a white, sandy beach… Whilst I was stuck in cold, dreary, wet Glasgow feeling sorry for myself.

As a teacher I was always excited about my career, as it could take me anywhere in the world! So why hadn’t I done anything about it ? So one day I grew a set of balls and applied for a teaching job in Milan, 3 months later I was on a flight with all my belongings rammed in to one suitcase off to start my new life in Italy. And it’s the best decision I ever!

So here is a reason, for each week I have been here, Why I am better off in Italy …

1) Pizza Pizza Pizza !


2) Italy is pretty whatever the weather !

3) Traditional Italian streets…


4) That sky above our beautiful appartment 

5)  The Scenic views 

6)  The hidden gems 


7) one word.. NUTELLA 

8) The  authentic pasta …

9) The architecture and landmarks 

 10)  The most important… 5 Euros for a Litre of wine (much nicer than the buckfast back home and cheaper too !) 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post! All photos are from my Instagram, give me a follow ! FRANKIEGOESTOMILANO INSTAGRAM

Ciao Frankie xoxo



9 thoughts on “From Glasgow to Milano…

  1. Hey Frankie! I’m teaching in South Korea at the moment and I’ve been considering a move to Italy and your blog was the first that popped into my mind as a resource – love your posts!
    I wondered if you had any opinion of how the job market is in Italy (specifically the North) for teaching jobs? I have a TEFL, some teaching experience from South Korea and a bit from Thailand but I’m not sure if it’s risky to just rock up in Italy and contact schools when I’m on the ground..


    1. The private schools certainly only accept a honours degree in primary education or equivalent ! The state schools don’t really have a need for English teachers as they tend to employ Italians who are fluent in English so that they can teach both! Nursery teaching is a great option as TEFL is accepted ! My boyfriend actually works in a nursery school (private) in Milan who are looking for staff !

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